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The map presents the many geography speculations found at a time when parts of Asia were largely unexplored by Europeans.

It extends from Armenia eastward to include part of North America in the top right hand corner.

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View additional info and full condition report "A Newe Mape of Tartary 1626" Framed Map of Tartary Drawn by John Speed & Engraved by Dirck Grijp - This rare piece is a highly decorative map of the Russian Empire, finely engraved by Dirck Gryp for John Speed's "Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World".

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[Probably London: after 1676], engraved area c.380x505mm, framed and double-glazed, later hand-colouring; Blaeu Laudella sive Lauderdalla [Lauderdale].[Probably Amsterdam: after 1664], engraved area c.500x385mm, framed and glazed, hand-coloured (2) View additional info Ca 1676 Important early and very decorative hand colored map.With Those Known parts in that “Unkowne Worlde” 1626. First map published in an atlas to depict California as an island with considerable detail to the eastern North American Coast.The map also includes the Arctic Sea and part of the Pacific Ocean.

Throughout the piece, there are also several important cities, kingdoms, rivers, lakes, islands, mountains, and other topographical features. This superb map of China, Korea and Japan is the only carte-a-figures map made of the region.