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Report a Crime Use the local contacts listed at the top of this page, or there is more detailed information about reporting crime, and contacting police, on the “Contact us” page on the West Yorkshire Police website.

Join Your Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country with over 10 million members.

However, a distinguishing feature of the Stanier design was the pronounced slope to the top of their side-tanks and tapered boiler in contrast to the parallel boiler of the Fowler 2-6-2Ts.

(Above) No 40018 departs from Millersdale on the push-pull shuttle service to Buxton on 16th August 1950.

Out of the original 138 members built, no fewer than 134 were still listed in my abc, but only just..the onset of dieselisation they were diminishing fast and all had gone by the end of 1962.

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Call it a dereliction of duty, if you like, but the discrepancies creeping into the hobby were totally at odds with the orderliness that spotters expected, and I ended up joining the legion of disenchanted youngsters who turned their attention to something more rewarding like railway photography - a natural adjunct to train spotting.

(Above) The class was most easily identifiable from other 2-6-2Ts by their parallel boiler and smokebox curving down to meet the frames, which can be seen in this ER Morten shot of No 40058 entering Shrewsbury station with a local passenger train.