Outlook 2016 click folders stopped updating

11-Nov-2017 07:40

Was overdrawn by Syntax Coloring FIXED - Multi File Viewer - Reg Ex syntax coloring rule could sometimes cause a crash FIXED - Multi File Viewer - Can now find text part backwards (up) in Unicode text files again Release v5.6 (Build 2000) ( 19-Sep-2015 ) 165 Changes CHANGE- Upgrade build environment. Unselect By Color ADDED - Multi Script function for setting selected items in a view ( Set Source Selected()/Set Target Select() ) ADDED - Multi Script function for getting all items in a view ( Get Source Items()/Get Target Items() ) FIXED - Multi Script command "Get File Prop(...) now support a 3rd parameter (optional) If it is "1", then the returned value will be the display value, else the RAW value is returned FIXED - Will no longer check for availible free space for move operations on same drive FIXED - Copy a 'symlink to a file' Copy/Move Links option active will now creates a new symlink FIXED - Fixed issue with creating files FIXED - Multi File Viewer did not load settings correct when opened from search panel FIXED - 12 Rare stability issues Release v5.1.1 (Build 1926) ( 18-Apr-2015 ) Minor fixes.

ADDED - Added Command that canbe assigned to hotkeys that will move active tab back/forward position in the same panel ADDED - The new Rename command are now added to the menu shown when right clicking on rename button on toolbar ADDED - Custom Command "MC. Makedir" now support the quick create folder tags in the FOLDERNAME parameter ADDED - Multi Script -= operator now works ADDED - Multi Script accessing array value as right part of an operator now works ( eg: @var $x = $a $b[$idx]; ) ADDED - Multi Script Adding array item with a value to the right now works ( eg: @var $x = $b[$idx] $val; ) CHANGE- Multi Script Debugger window will now replace none breaking space with normal space (Can happen if you copy/paste script from some web browser) CHANGE- Multi Script Debugger window, The Tab size is now half.Release v7.7 (Build 2404) ( 25-Dec-2017 ) 172 Changes ADDED - New Already Exists Dialog that shows thumbnails are more options and new layout ADDED - New overwrite option "Overwrite if size differs", "Overwrite if larger", "Overwrite if smaller" ADDED - Added so copy path to clipboard can convert mounted path UNC path ADDED - Rename Dialog for Replace text in name, will now remember last 20 used texts ADDED - Create link dialog will now remember last used option ADDED - Improved logging in some places ADDED - API to Add/Remove column to current view ADDED - Added workaround for issue that if network mounted device got unmounted and remounted it got the same name since Windows Cached it.ADDED - Settings if Focus Item should be saved on exit or not ADDED - Multi Data File Viewer got more default setups (thanks to pncdaspropagandas ) CHANGE- Lots of internal changes and code cleanup FIXED - Fixed issue in FTP and 7Zip that made Keep Date Time not work in some situations FIXED - Fixed crash issue with range selection FIXED - Issue with range selection in Win Explorer setup FIXED - Issue with tab stealing focus when Multi Rename window closes FIXED - 7 Stability issue reported by crash report system Release v7.5 (Build 2381) ( 14-Aug-2017 ) 90 Changes ADDED - Language Aware sorting (Slower, but some language will get a more correct sorting) ADDED - Checksum tool now support SHA256/512 ADDED - Settings for Device Dropdown if it should remember last used path or not ADDED - Folder Tree will now show folder with the same colors rules as the normal list view.This is now done automatic (is most cases) FIXED - Explorer Panel was not always refreshed automatic if folder was created in virtual location.

like REG: FIXED - 2 stability issue Release v6.4.6 (Build 2246) ( 16-Aug-2016 ) 13 Changes FIXED - Start with a Explorer Panel showing the root of REG: now works again FIXED - Items sometimes got selected when activating application.

FIXED - Will now only redraw and revalidates file colors if a subfolder was modified. Not needed FIXED - Explorer Panel lost focused item in some situations when refreshed FIXED - Copy progress dialog will now show estimated time to complete with hours and minutes if minutes to complete is more then 60 FIXED - Issue when checking if path exists for a path to a File System Plugin that was closed.