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The program launches into a litany of deepwater nasties; a piece of flesh washed up onto a Florida beach, hinting at the existence of octopus thirty meters across. Hypothesized monsters that might once have fed on the great whales, anonymously dying out for lack of food.Joel figures that ninety percent of this is bullshit, and the rest doesn't really count.Seabed Safaris welcomes you to the Channer Vent, and hopes that you enjoy the remainder of your tour." She smiles, a safe, silent gesture of agreement. The jaw gapes wide enough to dislocate, snaps shut. A flat black eye glares in at them."Me neither." He sends a trickle of electricity out through the hull.The monster, startled, flashes off into the darkness.Sunlight hasn't touched these waters for a million years. It can't have been an easy birth, judging by the life that remainsmonstrous things, twisted into nightmare shapes by lightless pressure and sheer chronic starvation. He relies on those sounds; the readouts only confirm what the beast has already told him by the grumbling of its stomach. The tour guide, a mid-twenties Hindian with a zebra cut Preteela someone flashes him a brief, rueful smile. She can't compete with the onboard library, she doesn't come with 3-d animations or wraparound soundtrack. These people pay her salary not because she does anything useful, but because she doesn't.Atmospheres accumulate by the hundreds here, the trenches could swallow a dozen Everests without burping. Even here, inside the hull, the abyss weighs on you like the vault of a cathedral. But Ceratius is a leisure craft, fully insulated, packed with excess headroom and reclining couches and little drink'n'drug dispensers set into the back of each seat. What's the point of being rich if you only buy the essentials? One old guy in a codpiece, still closing on his first century, fiddles with his camera controls.We don't know how it creates its strange and fascinating giants." The program's visual display goes dark.

The Grid Authority has laid these out in the course of constructing one of the new geothermal stations we've been hearing so much about.These people aren't down here because the abyss is impressive, they're here because it costs so much. Even that seems excessive; climate control and indive entertainment take up a good half of the panel.