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A printed circuit board design program for Microsoft Windows. It compiles synthesizable Verilog into cycle accurate C or System C code following 2-state synthesis (zero delay) semantics.Free PCB allows for up to 16 copper layers, both metric and US customary units, and export of designs in Gerber format. Benchmarks reported on its website suggest it is several times faster than commercial event driven simulators such as Model Sim, NC-Verilog and VCS, while not quite as fast as commercial cycle accurate modeling tools such as Carbon Model Studio and ARC VTOC.Boards can be partially or fully autorouted with the Free Routing Protoboard view, schematic view, PCB view, Code (firmware) view. Includes common shaped boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi shields. Verilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator.The end date of months is automatically adjusted for months fewer than 31 days including leap year compensation up to year 2100.In this article we are going to design a digital clock using the DS1307 RTC with Mikro C Pro for PIC compiler In this project, The ambient Temperature is read every Hour then sent to a specified mobile phone number as SMS Text Messages.An LCD display shows the measured temperature continuously.

There’s no need to install the software all you need is just open Easy EDA in a web browser.

This project uses a PIC microcontroller to automatically control the temperature of an area.

This area could be a small plant, a house or any place or device that require a controlled temperature like an incubator (egg) for example.

In this article we are going to design a digital thermometer using Arduino Uno.

This digital thermometer is built around the LM35 which is a precision integrated-circuit temperature sensor whose output voltage is linearly proportional to the Celsius (Centigrade) temperature.

The microcontroller reads the temperature every 10 s and compares it with the desired value.

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