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01-Sep-2017 15:24

Of course she wasn't always free, and from time to time he did see her out with other boys. But Monica wasn't done with her irritating husband just yet. And he was right to be nervous as he was about to find out.

But, after their study group on Wednesday nights he'd ask her out for a pizza and if her room-mates weren't around they'd wind up back at her place, either on the couch or in her room. Joan didn't seem to mind if Dan felt her up a little but she wasn't willing to take off her clothes. "Maybe it will help if I rub it a little..." she said, moving her left hand and deftly unzipping the front of her husband's pants. Monica was thoroughly pissed off with her husband and she was going to teach him a lesson.

She moved her body in languid, fluid gyrations that Dan found incredibly arousing.

She seemed to never be with the same boy twice and they were all some kind of jock.

She had a shapely figure that was no doubt the result of the many hours she spent in the pool and in the gym.

She often wore a ball cap with her hair pulled out in a pony tail which Dan found particularly attractive.

For the next couple of months life was good for lucky Dan Flynn. And the kids were right there in the back seat while they were driving through city streets, only ten minutes away from the restaurant! Oh Monica had given him plenty of handjobs in the car before but never at a time like this.

They had been going out for about three months and Joan had reluctantly agreed that he could join her for one of her infrequent visits home.When he did, Joan looked at him for the longest time with an amused smile. The first couple of dates had been pretty awkward for Dan.

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