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We'll take unoriginal and unlikely but the mess is compounded by being so unforgivably lazy.How does Danny afford to take every date to the swankiest restaurant in town?Despite the cast's best efforts this is not as charming as it sets out to be.Chris ‘the new Captain Kirk' Pine boldly goes into this unusual romantic comedy as a virginal blind guy whose brother (American Pie's Eddie Kaye Thomas) is determined to see him pop his cherry. Switching between slapstick, seriousness and Jane Seymour as a psychologist who can't keep her clothes on, this is... Small wonder this hard-to-swallow cocktail of bawdy comedy, cross-cultural romance and issue-of-the-week melodrama was left on the shelf for three years.Where's his best friend when it comes to setting up dates?The only acceptable flaw is that Jane Seymour's horny shrink only strips down to her smalls once.He plays Danny: bright, handsome, good at basketball... Now 22 and still a virgin, he's desperate to meet the right girl.

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During its release, the film received mixed to negative reviews.

Vi tar heller inget ansvar för hur dessa tjänster tillhandahåller sådant material, eller hur de väljer att distribuera det.